Web AWS Managed Services

Hosting your website or application is the cloud is one of the smartest ways to save money and tap into almost unlimited scaling potential. Getting things setup properly at the start is critical. Our Amazon Web Services (AWS) Managed Services are supported by our AWS Certified engineers who are dedicated to applying AWS best practices, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

AWS + Roundtree: Better Together

AWS is powerful, but can be difficult to harness on your own. Roundtree makes leveraging the power of AWS simple by filling in the gaps:

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170+ cloud products & services
Cloud architecture
Migration support
Disaster recovery planning on & support
3rd party 24/7 monitoring
24/7/365 technical support
OS & Application support


Prices starts at $199 for standard or $1,099 for enterprise monthly. This flat-rate cost is not inclusive of virtual server costs that vary based on their respective sizes and feature sets. Savings can be realized in virtual infrastructure costs (AWS, Azure, etc.) with long-term commitments. A free consultation will help decide the best fit for your business.

All of our contracts are written with a no obligation 30 days cancellation notice. With the cloud there are no servers to buy, so why get locked into long term contracts?

Our support commitments are some of the best in the business and our cloud team is available via phone or email 27/7/365. Specific details can be found via our Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Yes. Our certified cloud engineers have architected environments to handle some of the toughest traffic patterns out there (the Emmys, Golden Globes, etc.). We can help you with your environment too!

You do, unless you'd like us to manage everything. We can operate either on your AWS account, or manage it completely. Anytime you'd like to transfer it we're happy to make the switch.

We have worked with all the major cloud providers and found that in most cases AWS makes the most sense. Feel free to reach out or read more if you are still considering how to pick the right cloud provider.

In addition to rigorous technical standards, all of our employees are subject to background checks and bound by non-disclosure agreements. In over 15 years we have never been a party to a breach of customer data. Our history notwhistanding, we also carry insurance that meets the legal and IT standards of some of the largest, most high profile companies on the planet.

Yes. No matter where you are in your cloud journey there are often things that can be optimized. Best practices in AWS are evolving and improving as more features and services are launched around the globe.

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